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Quinn’s Auction Galleries of Falls Church Virginia will hold a Fine and Decorative Arts Auction including Asian Antiquities on Saturday, September 18, 2010. 

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Flea Markets
Estate Sales
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Bella Villa

Aldie, Virginia

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Aldie, Virginia

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Reality TV Show Pawn Stars

With most of my favorite TV shows on hiatus until the new season begins in the Fall, I was left with channel surfing for something to watch when I stumbled upon a couple of new reality TV shows.  In most cases I stay away from reality TV shows, but in this case the shows deal with the “finding” of antiques and collectibles and of course that piqued my interest. And so now, I am hooked on the two shows on the History Channel; Pawn Stars and American Pickers.

Pawn Stars apparently debuted on the History Channel back in July of 2006 and airs on Monday nights at 9 pm.  The show centers around a twenty four hour pawn shop located in Las Vegas owned by three generations of a family.  Richard Harrison, his son Rick Harrison and Rick’s son Corey make up the starring cast with Chumlee, an employee and Corey’s longtime friend co-starring.  In addition, the show employs a host of experts in different fields to help identify and value the items that people bring into the pawn shop to sell.

The show depicts people trying to sell the Pawn Stars everything from baseball cards to rare books, antique guns, autographed jerseys, vintage glass and pottery as well as antique furniture, treasure chests and other artifacts.  The Pawn Stars then evaluate and value the items or bring in experts to help them.  In most cases they buy the item for less than fifty percent of its worth and in some cases the patron will walk away with their treasure.  In very few cases, the team will opt out of buying an item if the price is too high or they think that they will be stuck with the item.


Upcoming Antiques Shows, Flea Markets and Shops

If you haven’t stopped to see our friends at Bella Villa recently then you have been missing out on quite a bit of excitement.  In the historic town of Aldie, Virginia, proprietor Rosanna has been hosting chocolate parties and giving away home grown tomatoes and most recently had a sidewalk sale in conjunction with our other friends at Diamonds & Rust.  Shop hours are Wed-Sat 11-6 and Sundays 12-5.  They are there other times by chance.  If you are headed out there way give them a call 571.921.0356 and tell them Marc sent you.

August 21-22, 2010, The Round Lake Arts & Crafts Festival, Village Parks and Greens, Round Lake, New York

August 28, 2010, Antiques on the Diamond, US Route 340 & Route 711, Ligonier, Pennsylvania

August 29, 2010, Antiques in the Park, Veterans Park, Westwood, New Jersey

August 29, 2010, Historic New Castle Antiques Show, Battery Park, New Castle, Delaware

The 38th Annual Lucketts Fair will take place on Saturday & Sunday, August 28 & 29, 2010 on the grounds of the Lucketts Community Center and Lucketts Volunteer Firehouse.  This show features more than one hundred artisans and craftsmen and attracts thousands of people from around the country.  The Lucketts Fair is a family event complete with pony rides, petting zoo, great food and live Bluegrass, Country and Rock music.


Reality TV Show American Pickers

American Pickers is another show on the History Channel that premiered in January of 2010.  This show centers around two longtime friends and business partners Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, who own a shop called Antique Archaeology. Their shop is located in LeClaire, Iowa, however the show is based on the fact that they travel around the country “picking” and looking for antiques, collectibles and relics in other people’s homes, garages and barns.  While away, Danielle Colby-Cushman runs their shop in Iowa and forwards them leads while they are on the road.

As they travel through America’s back roads, Mike and Frank look for properties where hoarders or collectors might live.  When they spot a property, they stop and knock on the door, introduce themselves and hand the people a flyer with the types of things they are looking to buy.  They are then invited by those people to have a look around and in most cases find treasures in other some else’s junk.  From vintage advertising signs to antique crocks, old gasoline pumps, bicycles, and furniture as well as unusual and rare items.


Dumb Mikey Goes Deer Hunting

Mikey had never been deer hunting until his buddy Bill asked him to come along.  When they get into the woods, Bill tells Mikey, “Now if you shoot a deer, don’t let someone else claim that they killed it and it’s their deer.” Mikey says that he understands and climbs up the blind.  Bill continues on to the next blind and hadn’t been there more than five minutes before he hears shooting.


French Perfume Bottle Sets Record Auction Price

A French Ruba Rombic perfume bottle set a record auction price last month during the Phoenix and Consolidated Glass Collectors Club convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The perfume bottle which still had its original label sold for $3000 and was designed by Reuben Haley for the Consolidated Glass Company for their Art Deco line.  It was introduced by the company in the late 1920’s.


Upcoming Estate Sales

Estate Sale on Saturday & Saturday August 20 & 21, 17409 Blossom View Dr, Olney, MD; Antiques Sideboard, Mantle, Sofa: 301.933.4111

Estate Sale on Friday - Sunday August 20-22, 2010 at 5106 Fairbanks Avenue, Alexandria, VA; Art Nouveau, Deco, Sterling: 571.216.8811


As Rick says at the beginning of each show, they just never know what is going to come through that door and as you watch the show, you begin to realize how true that is.  In one episode a man brings in a bar of gold which Rick inspects and is interested in buying.  After bringing in an expert, the bar of gold is authenticated to have once been part of a shipwreck that occurred in the 1500’s.  On another episode a man brings in aged and weathered ephemera that turn out to be top secret battle plans for Iwo Jima.


Ansel Adams Photographs Found at Flea Market

Imagine the man’s surprise recently when he found out that the box of photographs and negatives that he purchased at a flea market for a mere $45 were worth more than $200 million.  As it turns out, the box of photographs and negatives, which Rick Norsigian had kept in his home for ten years, were long lost images created and taken by American photographerAnsel Adams, whose works are sought out by many collectors and connoisseurs of art.

Adams was born in 1902 in San Francisco California and was inspired by the West and Yosemite California.  A commercial photographer for more than thirty years, he is better known for his black and white photos of landscapes and scenery in the clearest resolutions. He invented the zone system, a technique of using light to see specific densities on a negative, thus giving the artist more control over the finished picture.  Ansel Adams was also a conservationist and authored books on photography.

Newsletter 05-15-2010

In one episode they are traveling through Kansas when they happen upon a man with huge collection.  Mike sets his eye on a cast iron cross and buys it from the man and later takes it to an expert to help him evaluate and value.  It turns out to be a rare grave marker worth a lot more than Mike paid for it.  In the same episode however Mike and Frank are frustrated when they pick through a large farm’s outbuildings and barns but find nothing at all to buy.  In most cases though, the pickers find booty wherever they go.

One of the things I find interesting on American Pickers and its sister show Pawn Stars is when they have their finds cleaned and restored.  In one episode, Mike and Frank take some old gas pumps that they “found” to an expert who purchased them, making Mike a tidy profit, and who will restore it to its original glory.  They do more restorations on Pawn Stars where their experts recently restored a motorbike, a 1950’s juke box and an old Coca Cola sample cooler.

So he rushes back to where he had left Mikey and finds him pointing his weapon at a man.  The man is yelling at the top of his lungs, “It’s your deer, it’s your deer.  Just lemme get my saddle off of it.”

The found photographs were taken between 1919 and 1930 and many of the prints depict not only Adams’ favorite subjects in Yosemite but pictures of California’s Carmel Mission and Fisherman’s Wharf as well as yachts and sandy seascapes.  The cache was so large and valuable that it had to be authenticated and valued by a team of experts that included historians, forensics and handwriting experts as well as art experts from the FBI.

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Newsletter August 20, 2010
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